8oz Secret Hip Travel Pocket Alcohol Flask Hidden Plastic Liquor Shot Glass Cup



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Party hard and be discreet, or make your next family holiday more enjoyable with this discreet plastic travel flask. Made from a durable, hard, textured plastic with two caps, this 8oz. pocket flask is perfect for any partier. Great for travel and concealment, this booze flask features two screw-on tops: one that turns into a personal shot glass cup, the other to keep you from having an embarassing moment when other flasks leak. Fill it with whiskey, rum, vodka, or whatever your favorite liquor is and make any time "party time." Give this flask as a gift to friends in your wedding party or hand them out to your groomsmen as gag gifts at your bachelor party. Party all night and party hard when you keep this alcohol container hidden in your pants, jacket, or coat pocket. Secret booze flask measures approximately 6" long, 3" wide, 1 1/2" thick, holds 8 oz. and ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Hidden Plastic Liquor Shot Glass Cup Features:

  • Discreet secret, plastic pocket alcohol flask features 2 screw on caps for double protection against embarassment
  • Booze flask includes a personal shot glass as the 2nd cap and makes a great gift for friends or when visiting family at the holidays
  • Make any time "party time" when you fill this container with rum, whiskey, or your favorite booze
  • Perfect for any party partier, this plastic travel hip flask is made from durable plastic and holds 8oz
  • Flask with hidden shot cup measures holds up to 8oz., measures approx 6" long, 3" wide, 1 1/2" thick and ships brand new