cast iron WALL MOUNT double eye beer soda BOTTLE OPENER



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Behold this beautiful, cast iron 4-eyed lady face bottle opener antique reproduction. This stunning hand painted cast iron bottle opener measures 4" tall, 4" wide, and weighs approximately 9 ounces. Double-eyed face beer opener mounts effortlessly to your wall using two pre-drilled holes through the vintage woman's ears. The cast iron vintage-style bottle opener is cast in great detail with great hand-painted colors and accents, from the styled black hair, red lipstick, black eyes, and red lips! Remove beer and soda bottle caps by putting your bottle in the 4-eyed lady's mouth and popping the cap off with her teeth. 4-eyed lady wall mount bottle opener would make a great addition to any antique bottle collection, or as a great gift for friends and family. The four-eyed bottle openers gained popularity in the 1940s because of their humorous ability to confuse people who had been drinking. Ship brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.