Grade A Quality 50 Pack Natural Pheasant Tail Feathers Fly Fishing Tying Craft



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This 50 pack of Grade-A Quality, 100% Natural Pheasant feathers has multiple uses. Great for tying flies for fly fishing, training your bird dog, using the feathers for an art or craft project, or even to show the little ones about nature, these 100% real pheasant feathers are sure to impress. These feathers measure 16-18" in overall length. Fun fact: the Pheasant is native to China and East Asia, and has been successfully introduced right here in the US. Each 50 pack of full ringneck pheasant tail feathers is 100% genuine and feature natural color and pattern markings. As these are natural pheasant feathers, each feather may vary slightly in size and color and may have minor natural imperfections.

Grade A Quality Fly Fishing Tying Craft Feathers Features:

  • 50 pack 16-18" natural pheasant tail feathers is great for tying flies for fly fishing, or training your bird dog
  • GRADE A QUALITY 100% real, natural pheasant tail feathers with natural color and markings
  • Pheasant feathers may vary slightly in size and color and may have minor natural imperfections
  • Ringneck Pheasant tail feathers are great for art or craft projects and teaching children about nature
  • Pheasant tail feathers make great gifts for nature enthusiast friends and family