New Solid Brass Octopus Handle Wood Walking Stick Cane


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Looking for a new walking cane that will stand out from the rest? Let this solid brass, octopus-inspired handle and sturdy, wood shaft walking stick to do just that. Perfect for that someone with sea legs or who just really enjoys marine life, the attention to detail in the octopus handle and the twist in the center of the wooden shaft is sure to gain the attention of the average passerby. The cane measures 38 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1" and weighs just under 2 pounds. Let the octopus lend you the support of a leg throughout the day! As with all our canes, this octopus handle walking stick ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Solid Brass Octopus Handle Sturdy Walking Canes with Wooden Shaft Features:

  • Cane features a textured solid brass octopus for a handle w/ black jeweled eyes
  • Walking Stick is sturdy with its wooden shaft, a decorative twist, and rubber tip on the bottom
  • Shaft measures 38 1/2" long and 1 inch wide, handle measures 1 1/2" long and 1 inch wide
  • With its solid brass handle and sturdy wood shaft, this walking stick weighs just under 2 lbs
  • All our canes ship brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee