Sage Palo Santo Wood Incense Feather Smudge Kit Spiritual Healing House Cleanse


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Soothe your spirit and dispel negative energy when you smudge your home with this earthy, Palo Santo wood and sage incense and feather kit. Burn this premium, high-quality incense and fan the embers with the feather in your home to remove negative energy. Use this 2pc set to exorcise evil supernatural spirits, impart wisdom, and let it aid in Chakra healing during a spiritual Reiki session. Featuring one bundle of desert sage and Palo Santo wood sticks and a large bird feather, this 2pc set has all you need to rid yourself of negative energy and spirits. You'll cleanse and purify your home or other setting without overwhelming the senses. Use the desert sage’s fragrant smoke to protect you from evil, promote healing sleep, and freshen any room in which it’s lit. Burn incense during a seance or ceremony to elevate mood, enhance psychic awareness, and thwart evil spirits. This 2pc incense kit is perfect for those who want to keep negative energy out of their homes or living space. Each package will contain 1 bundle of desert sage and Palo Santo Wood and 1 large bird feather. Smudge your house and rid it of evil spirits and negativity today. Each cleansing package ships with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Feather Spiritual House Cleanse Reiki Healing Features:

  • Dispel negative energy with this soothing desert sage & Palo Santo wood incense bundle and feather kit
  • Use sage smoke for removing negativity in your home or let it help with Chakra healing during Reiki
  • Protect your home from evil with this 4pc kit that includes everything you need to smudge your house
  • Spiritually cleanse and purify your home with this desert sage, Palo Santo, and feather combo
  • Each package is sure to cleanse and contains 1 bundle of desert sage and Palo wood and 1 large bird feather