Fake Parking Tickets Funny Novelty Car Violation Prank Practical Joke Gag Gift


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How many times have you been unable to take the only available parking space in a full lot because some jackass took up two spaces? Now you can tell that rotten S.O.B. how you feel with these fake parking tickets. A realistic format and style give these novelty parking violations authenticity sure to fool every driver who sees this. When they read the print, they'll realize they've been the victim of a practical joke, but should take the citation to heart and learn how to properly park. Main features of the parking violation include 14 checkboxes for "Offenses", a humorous disclaimer, a fake signature that reads "U.R. Ajerk", and a place for vehicle information. Some funny offenses include: "D.W.S. Violation - Driving While Stupid "P.O.S. Violation" "HOG - Taking up 2 spaces "Failure to yield right of way. If you are last - don't go first." "C.D.V. - Cute Driver Violation (Distracting Another Driver) "Driving under the influence of annoying music." "A.B.P.I.H.S. - Able Bodied Parking in Handicap Spot" You'll be sure to prank any terrible driver when you place this funny parking ticket on their car window. Give a pack of these fake tickets as a gag gift to friends and family members and get one or more for yourself. Each package contains a 12-ticket pad and each ticket can be ripped off like a pad of real parking citations. As with all our products, this funny practical joke ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Fake Car Violation Practical Joke Gag Gift Features:

  • Tell people how you feel about their parking with these novelty parking tickets
  • A realistic format and style give these funny fake parking violations authenticity
  • Play a practical joke on those who have no idea how to park in a civil society
  • Prank total strangers who have no regard for others when you place fake tix on their car windows
  • Fake parking citations come in a 12 pack and make great gag gifts for friends and family