Wooden Rubber Band Toy Six Shooter Revolver


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Hang Em High! What a great desk accessory for the office, fun toy for a kid, or a great costume prop, this multi ship wooden rubber band gun! When someone shoots a SINGLE rubber band at you, use this six shooter to get 'em back in rapid fire! This multi shot toy rubber band gun actually holds multiple rubber bands so you can keep pulling the trigger and shooting without having to reload your elastic ammo. Wood Rubber Band Revolver measures 8 3/4" long by 4 1/2" tall, and features a revolver type wheel to load each multi shot rubber band. So the next time you find yourself in the middle of a rubber band fight, you'll be ready with multi shot rubber band capability! Toy Rubber Band Pistol ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging.

Multi Shot Elastic Wood Gun Pistol Features:

  • A fun toy for at home or at the office, this multi shot wood handle rubber band gun has you well prepared for the next rubber band fight
  • Six Shooter features a revolver type system so you can load multiple rubber bands while others run out of their elastic ammo
  • Wooden Rubber Band Gun measures 8 3/4" Long by 4 1/2" tall and features a multi shot system for shooting multiple rubber bands
  • Toy Gun is made of wood with the revolver type mechanism made from plastic
  • Rubber Band Multi Shot Pistol ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging