1" TX Mason Concho Masonic Lodge Leathercraft Jewelry Accessory Freemason Gift


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Show your Masonic pride with this Texas State Masonic Order silver and gold metal concho. Whether you're using this concho to fashion unique Masonic men's jewelry or leathercraft or plan to tack it to your belt or hat, show your Freemason brothers that in TX, the lodge is a way of life. This detailed men's Masonic accessory is adorned with a 3D seal that reads "Texas Mason" and contains the sacred letter square and compass. The G symbol pops in gold against a splash of green. Measuring approximately 1" long by 1" wide, this golden concho fits any need and makes the perfect gift for any TX mason member or lodge brothers. Freemason Concho ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Freemason Jewelry Accessory Lodge Gift Accessory Features:

  • Show your fraternal commitment with this 3D, screw back TX Mason concho
  • Silver and gold Masonic accessory features the Masonic seal and reads "Texas Mason"
  • Use this concho to fashion unique men's jewelry or leathercraft and show your lodge brothers
  • Freemason concho fits any need and makes the perfect gift for any TX mason or brother
  • Masonic jewelry and leather craft accessory measures 1" round and ships brand new