5-in-1 Vegetable Julienne Food Peeler Hand Mandoline Kitchen Slicer Cutting Tool



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Cut your prep time in half using this 5-in-1 vegetable mandoline. Featuring five interchangeable attachments to slice, grate, shred, peel, and julienne efficiently and effectively, this kitchen tool is perfect for the busy home cook. Safe, comfortable, and easy to use over a bowl because of the sawtooth grips, or cutting on an angle, you'll get precision chops, cuts, and gratings each time. This handy kitchen tool's five interchangeable blades -- slicer blade, julienne blade, coarse grater, fine grater, star grater -- let you cut onions, slice potatoes, and grate cheese with ease. Grab the safe-guarded handle and flip over the individual blade you need and easily prep your food the way you want. When finished prepping, just toss this handy cutting tool into dishwasher for easy cleaning (though hand washing is recommended). Vegetable peelers and kitchen knives are often too big can hog your drawer, so replace them with a tool that does the same thing in a fraction of the time. Give this food mandoline as a housewarming gift to friends, family, or even new neighbors and let them experience the kitchen expedience for themselves. Kitchen mandoline measures approximately 12 3/8" long, 5 1/2" wide, 1 1/2" tall, and ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Hand Mandoline Kitchen Slicer Cutting Tool Features:

  • Cut your prep time in half and have more time to enjoy your meal using this 5-in-1 vegetable mandoline
  • Handy kitchen tool has five blades: slicer blade, julienne blade, coarse grater, fine grater, and star grate
  • Food peeler tool is dishwasher safe and includes safety features such as grip handle with protector
  • 5-in-1 cutting tool replaces vegetable peelers, knives, and other kitchen tools to save storage space
  • Kitchen mandoline makes a great housewarming gift for friends, family, & new neighbors