60" Plastic Toy Ammo Army Soldier Cowboy Bullet Belt Bandolier Costume/Accessory


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Stick 'em up! Sure to transform you into your favorite cowboy or commando this Halloween, this plastic toy bullet bandolier belt is the perfect costume accessory. A lightweight toy ammo sling, complete with removable bullets, it looks realistic and will accent your costume. Measuring 60" long with each bullet being 2 3/4" long, it's perfect for older children, teens, and adults. This army soldier cowboy ammo belt also makes the perfect costume/accessory for your theatre or reenactment group. Buy two to create a longer belt or cross them!

60" Plastic Toy Bullet Belt Bandolier

  • Plastic toy ammo bullet belt bandolier adds a realistic dimension to your costume
  • Lightweight plastic ammo sling is perfect for an army soldier or cowboy costume for older children, teens, and adults
  • Removable, plastic bullets perfect for adding an additional bullet belt
  • Bandolier bullet belt measures 60" long and each bullet is 2 3/4" long for a realistic look
  • Great as a costume accessory for costume parties, theater, and reenactments