Antique Style Brass Surveyors Compass with tools



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Imagine early settlers setting up their encampment with a surveyors compass similar to this antique reproduction. This Encampment and Fortification Compass would be used for surveying the land and horizon, to find an ideal location for a camp or settlement. Fortification was important when settling into a new encampment, and this surveyors compass survey tool was paramount to a camps' success. This is an antique style, modern reproduction of an antique surveyors compass, complete with folding sights. Both beautiful and functional, this sight survey compass would look impressive on a desk, or functional when setting up a modern camp site or Civil War reenactment encampment. Made from Brass, this is a remarkable piece, measuring 2 1/2" in diameter when closed, 1" thick in your pocket, and opens to 2 1/2" tall with sights open. A great gift for a historian, surveyor, an adventurer in your life about to embark on a new journey, or for use when camping with friends and family, this antique style Surveyors Compass w/ Sight ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Encampment & Fortification Survey Compass w/ Sight Survey Tool Features:

  • Antique Style Surveyors Encampment & Fortification Compass used to survey sites for potential settlement throughout history
  • Both functional and beautiful, this sight and survey compass makes great desk decor, or for use in the field for a camping trip or Civil War Reenactment Encampment
  • Brass Surveyors Compass with Sight measures 2 1/2" in diameter, and 1" thick when closed; in the open position, the compass measures 2 1/2" tall to the top of the sight
  • With its solid brass finish, this pocket surveyors compass makes a remarkable gift for a camping enthusiast, historian, surveyor, or traveler about to embark on a journey
  • Brass Surveyors Compass with Sight Survey Tool Ships Brand New in Manufacturer's Packaging, with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee