Antique/Vintage-Style Mermaid Cane


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Mystical and beautiful, this mermaid Victorian walking stick features an antique-style, heavy brass handle, a 35" long, wooden shaft, as well as a solid brass mermaid handle with brass accents. This beautiful, nautical cane features a brass mermaid handle that feels steady and sturdy in your hand. Mermaid cane has a rubber tip for traversing smooth floors and the threaded brass handle can be removed for packing the vintage-style walking stick in your suitcase or travel bag. Antique brass handle cane is built to last and ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Heavy Brass Wooden Shaft Walking Stick Features:

  • Heavy brass mermaid cane measures 35" Long
  • Sturdy, vintage-style walking stick cane is made to last for year
  • Mermaid handle cane weighs nearly 2 pounds and has a very smooth surface for a secure grip
  • Antique-style, solid brass finish and wooden shaft are sure to impress
  • Rubber tip is included for safe walking on smooth floors