Bag of Wooden Slingshot Ammunition 40 Rounds of Ammo


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If you're considering purchasing one of our sling shots, then this bag of wooden slingshot pellets is some must-have ammunition. Made from wood, each bag of sling shot ammo includes a minimum of 40 rounds of wood pellets, ready for use with any of our sling shots. These ammo balls measures approximately 1/2" in diameter, and travel a minimum of 25 feet when used with any of our slingshots. Bag of slingshot ammo balls ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging, ready to use with any sling shot.

Bag of 40 Pellets Wood Sling shot Ammunition Balls Features:

  • Bag of 40 wooden sling shot ammo pellets, 1/2" in diameter, for use with any of our sling shots
  • Slingshot ammunition rounds fire up to 25 feet when used with a slingshot
  • Bag of Slingshot Ammo Balls contains a minimum of 40 rounds
  • Slingshot ammunition is not a toy; adult supervision should be required when using the ammo
  • Bag of 40 Wood Slingshot Pellets ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee