Eye Doctor Chart Eyeglasses Pouch


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Read the second line from the bottom, please. Very good. This quirky, unique, handmade soft eyeglasses pouch is a great way to protect your spectacles while the eye doctor chart pattern shows others exactly why you need this soft case. Measuring 7 1/2", this canvas holder will fit any size eyeglasses or sunglasses. Perfect for carrying or storing your spectacles, bifocals, sunglasses, or monocle, this lightweight soft case will be sure to have others trying to test their eyes on the chart and wanting their own special pouch. This pouch is great for your own glasses, or as a gift for the person in our life who is hard2shop4.

Glasses Holder Sunglasses Spectacles Soft Case

  • Handmade canvas case with eye doctor chart pattern measures 7 1/2"
  • Great for your own glasses or as a gift for someone who is hard2shop4
  • Perfect for storing and transporting eyeglasses, spectacles, and sunglasses
  • Lightweight soft case pouch will fit any size glasses and will have others trying to read the chart from a distance
  • Holder is great for protecting your special pair of glasses and periodically testing your eyesight