Himalayan Incense Sticks Sensual Reiki Smoke Negative Energy Spiritual Healing



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Align your thoughts, increase your mindfulness, and enhance your search for enlightenment when you light this fresh, natural rice paper incense. Burn this premium, handcrafted Himalayan incense during meditation to boost your mindfulness and let it aid in Chakra healing during a spiritual Reiki session. Himalayan incense's clean, botanical aroma helps purify your meditation space without overwhelming the senses and boosts sensuality. Light this aromatic incense rope during a seance or ceremony to remove negative energy and let the fragrant smoke relax you into a peaceful state of mind. Made from natural scent, this hand-rolled rice paper joss stick pack is perfect for those seeking extra concentration, focus, and clarity during meditation. Each set of this high-quality, cleansing Nepalese incense comes with 20 hand-rolled sticks ready to soothe your psyche and help you attain enlightenment. Each slow-burning rope burns for approximately 30 minutes, measures approximately 3 1/4" long, and ships in manufacturer's packaging with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Negative Energy Sensual Spiritual Healing Features:

  • Align your thoughts and increase your mindfulness with this naturally Himalayan incense
  • Burn this Nepalese incense sticks during Reiki to remove negative energy and promote spiritual healing
  • Let this incense aid in Chakra healing and meditation and elevate your mood with earthy smoke
  • Boost sensuality and purify your meditation space; makes a great gift for friends and family
  • Each slow-burning stick measures approx 3 1/4" long and was hand-rolled in rice paper