Large Red Santa Claus Sleigh Metal Christmas Tree Decor Big Holiday Xmas Gift



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‘Twas the week before Christmas and I’ve forgotten a gift

I took to the web and began to sift

But what has my captured my browser today?

A big red and gold Santa Claus sleigh!

A metal, replica version from Saint Nick himself

Has made my day, that jolly old elf!

Great for home, office, and Xmas tree décor

This large sleigh I shall order without hitting a store!

Measuring almost 8 1/4” long and 11” wide

This sleigh is 8 1/4” tall, with lots of space to hide

Mail, office supplies, plants, and candy

By golly, I must have this sleigh, as it’ll be handy!

Brother, sister, mother, father, or friend

An excellent present for them I will send!

A brand new gift for this holiday we brave

I'll buy it today and with free shipping I'll save!

Big Christmas Tree Metal Holiday Decor Features:

  • Add this large, metal sleigh decor to your home or office to spread holiday cheer
  • Big red sleigh looks great under your tree and has plenty of space for storing small items
  • Large Santa Claus is great Christmas decor and makes a great gift for friends or family
  • Santa Claus sleigh is big enough to place on your desk to house office supplies or small plants
  • Large red Xmas sleigh measures approx. 8 1/4" long, 11" wide, and ships brand new