Lifelike Giant Rubber Centipede Toy Insect Halloween Prop



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What a great costume prop or halloween decoration, this giant rubber lifelike 3 foot centipede! Looks just like the real insect, this centipede features lifelike detailing, including eyhes and antennae. Great as a fun toy to scare the kids, or great home decor for Halloween, this rubber centipede ships brand new in manufacturer's packging, ready to impress and/or scare! We have a ton more toys and games, please be sure to check out our other items.

Lifelike Giant 3 foot Centipede Rubber Toys w antennae Features:

  • Great theatre prop, Halloween decor, or a toy to scare the kids
  • Lifelike insect features realsitic detail- from the antennae to the eyes of the centipede
  • Giant Centipede measures 3 foot long and is made from rubber
  • Lifelike Rubber Centipede toys would make a hillarious prop
  • Rubber 3 foot centipede ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging