Men's Genuine Alligator Gator Claw Mens Belt Buckle Authentic Real Taxidermy Paw



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This is about the only way you'd want a gator paw grabbing hold of your pants. This 100% Genuine Alligator claw Men's belt buckle is sure to impress. Authentic Taxidermy belt buckle is made from a real 8-10' Alligator Claw, with a standard belt buckle hook and loop design on the back of the buckle, so you can use it on your favorite belt. Sure to intimidate the guys at the bar, get the girls asking if you wrangled that beast yourself, or the grandkids enthralled, this real taxidermy measures an impressive 5 1/2" wide, 3 1/2" tall, and about 1/2" deep. Gator Claw mens belt buckle ships brand new, with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Please note, as this is genuine taxidermy from a real alligator, the exact claw may slightly vary from the picture, but will be about the same size.