Metal Black Bear Drawer Bin Pull Screw Knob Cabinet Hardware Rustic Cabin Decor


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Heed the call of the wild and give your kitchen cabinets, vanity and dresser drawers, and storage bins a rustic touch when you screw in these black metal bear knobs. Great decor for your bedroom or kitchen, this cast iron hardware is finished in black semi-gloss and shaped like a small black bear, including defined fur, legs, eyes, and snout. Don't buy new cabinets or drawers; just replace your current hardware with some of these 3D metal black bear knobs and breathe new life into your bedroom and kitchen furnishings. Trade in your plain, old bedroom vanity knobs and dresser drawer handles and knobs for some new vintage-style hunting cabin decor. Get several of these cupboard door knobs and give them to friends, family, or new neighbors as housewarming gifts. Black bear pull knob includes a mounting screw and measures approximately 2" long and 1 1/4" wide with 5/8" of space between the surface and knob. As with all our products, this cabinet hardware ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Cabinet Hardware Rustic Hunt Cabin Decor Features:

  • Screw in these metal bear knobs and heed the call of the wild
  • Kitchen bin pulls are shaped like a bear with fur, legs, and snout with a black finish
  • Trade in your plain bedroom vanity knobs and dresser drawer handles for some new hunting cabin decor
  • Get several of these rustic door knobs and give them as gifts to friends or family
  • Cabinet hardware includes 1 mounting screw and measures approx 2" longw with 5/8" of space between handle and surface