Metal Horseshoe Puzzle Brain Teaser Gag Gift


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Sure to be a great brain teaser for you or your guests, this metal horseshoe puzzle is a great game to test your IQ. Toy with this metal horseshoe puzzle to see if it tricks you or if you can unleash the ring. Learn the the trick to this puzzle and show it to your friends or family as magic trick. Made from cast iron, the horseshoes and attached chain are heavy duty and stretched out measures 12 1/2" long and each shoe is 4 1/8" across. A great joke or gag gift, this metal horseshoe puzzle IQ Game ships with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

IQ Game Magic Trick/Tricks Joke Toy Features

  • Puzzle yourself or others and test your IQ with this brain teaser Horseshoe Puzzle
  • Horseshoes and attached chain made from cast iron- can you detach the ring from the puzzle?
  • Makes a great game for yourself or the guest who enjoys a brain teaser or magic trick
  • Horseshoe Toy Joke Puzzle measures 12 1/2" long and each shoe is 4 1/8" across
  • Great gag gift for or someone who loves tricks, this metal horseshoe puzzle ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee