Metal Nail Balancing Brain Teaser Toy Puzzle Game



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How good is your balance? Test it with this brand new Balancing Nail Brain Teaser Magic Trick Puzzle. The trick is to balance 7 Metal Nails on the grooved board. It may not technically be magic, but it is sure to impress and puzzle those watching the trick unfold. This Brain Teaser Toy Game comes complete with a cherry-stained wood base and the puzzle solution in a sealed pack. Give this puzzle as a gift to the Magician in your family or a Joke and Magic Tricks lover. Get a good laugh watching friends and family members try to figure out the secret. This Trick Toy Gift ships brand new and comes with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

7 Metal Nails Joke Brain Teaser Magic Trick Gift Features

  • Test your balance with this Balancing Nail Brain Teaser
  • The object is to balance all 7 nails on the grooved board
  • 7 Metal Nails Trick Game with a cherry wood base and sealed instructions included
  • Toy Gift for the magician in your family or a joke, puzzle, and magic tricks lover
  • Balancing Nail Game Ships brand new with our 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee