Novelty Fake Poop Dog Turd Pen Rubber Crap Practical Joke Funny Prank Gag Gift


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Get some laughs while you cut the tension at work or at home when you write with this novelty dog poop writing pen. Sure to draw attention at your next business meeting, loan application signing, bank deposit, or in school, this funny dog turd pen is the perfect prank. Give it as a gag gift to a practical joker, prank someone and put it on their desk, or use this novelty pen in your daily life to get some attention and some laughs. Tell people you don't write crap, although you may write WTIH it. Fake Poop dog turd pen is made from rubber, measures 5" long, and looks just like a piece of poop. Funny dog turd pen ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging, with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Realistic Rubber Turd Dog Poop Pen Prank Gag Gift Features:

  • Get some laughs and cut the tension at home or at work with this funny realistic dog poop pen
  • 5" Pen is made from rubber and looks just like a dog turd
  • Perfect Prank to put on someone's desk, a great gag gift for a practical joker, or to add some fun in your own day
  • Use this pen at a loan signing, for a bank deposit, or to write your memoirs- wherever you want to lighten the mood and get some laughs
  • Novelty Fake Dog Crap Pen ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee