Officially Licensed Game of Thrones Ned House Stark Sword Cosplay Costume Prop



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Epic TV history is made when Lord Eddard of House Stark sentences a Night's Watch deserter, Will, to death. Ned then swings his huge, trusty sword, Ice, down upon Will's head, decapitating him. He tells his son, Bran, afterwards, "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword." One of the most honorable men in Westeros, Ned reluctantly accepts King Robert's invitation to become Hand of the King and eventually uncovers and reveals the truth about Robert's wife, Queen Cersei, and her and her brother Jaime's illegitimate children prior to Robert's death. Ned's revelation and eventual execution by order of King Joffrey, the illegitimate heir to Robert's throne, sparks the War of the Five Kings for the rightful seat on the Iron Throne. Now you can honor Ned Stark with this giant replica of Ned's sword, Ice. It's not made from Valyrian steel, but it's made from a very high-density, durable foam and features intricate details making it look just like Lord Eddard's sword shown on HBO. Add an authentic touch to your Halloween costume with this highly collectible sword or use it as stage prop for film and local theatre. Imagine and recreate the moment Ned slays the deserter or when he fights the Lannister men in King's Landing when you use this realistic, detailed sword during a cosplay or LARP scenario. Ned's huge Ice sword measures approximately 53 1/2" long, 17" wide at the guard, 3/4" thick blade, and 1 1/2" thick at the hilt. Give it as a gift to GoT-loving friends and family members who will slay themselves with joy. This authentic, officially-licensed sword ships brand new in a collectible Game of Thrones box with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Officially Licensed Cosplay Costume Prop Features:

  • Own an officially-licensed replica of the sword Lord Eddard of House Stark used to execute Will
  • Ned Stark sword looks realistic with huge blade, wood-like handle, and other intricate details
  • Cosplay sword is made of high-density foam and latex and looks just like the sword on the show
  • Add an authentic touch to your Halloween costume with this highly collectible sword or use it as stage prop
  • Replica sword measures approx. 53 1/2" long, 17" wide, 1 1/2" thick and ships in a Game of Thrones box