Primitive Wooden Historical Folk Handheld Buzz Saw Toy


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Recreate the simple pleasures of primitive folk life with this hardwood antique reproduction buzz saw toy. A favorite toy of colonial children, this 3" historical wood buzz saw is a fully functional wooden noisemaker! Originating from the Native American culture, the buzz saw was originally made from a piece of bone and string, and in colonial times was made from one of Mother's buttons (hence the name, Button on a String, by which the buzz saw is also known). This buzz saw game is made from hardwood, with two wooden handles. Simply wind up the string and gently pull the wood handles to spin the wooden blade on the buzz saw and create its sound. The handheld blade of the buzz saw measures 3"in diameter, 20" long, and comes with a cloth carry bag. The primitive buzz saw game is ships brand new in manufaturer's packaging with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Hardwood Folk Wood Buzz Saw Blade Game Toy Features:

  • Historical buzz saw game is a great primitive folk period piece which is also fully functional
  • Hardwood buzz saw toy was a favorite among colonial children, originating in Native American culture
  • Simply Wind the String of the Buzz Saw and gently pull the wooden handles to make the saw blade spin and sound!
  • Handheld wood buzz saw measures 20" Overall and the saw blade measures approximately 3 in diameter"
  • Primitive folk Buzz Saw includes a cloth storage bag, ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging, with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee