Real Black Dyed Long Ostrich Wing Feather Plume


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The perfect addition to a fancy hat, as a centerpiece, around the shoulder for an accent on evening wear, or a great accessory to a costume or theatrical event, this black dyed long ostrich feather plume is sure to embellish any outfit or tabletop. Each plume is hand dyed with great attention to detail. The Plumes are natural, so they do range a bit in size, from 13-15" in length and 6-7" wide at the widest point of the feather, and each weighing between 2-4 ounces. These top quality feathers would be the perfect accessory to a fancy pirate costume, a remarkable addition to a steampunk hat, or a gorgeous addition to a centerpiece. Each long dyed ostrich feather plume ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging.

Pirate/Steampunk/Fancy Hat Feathers Plumes Features:

  • Long Black Dyed Ostrich Feather Plume is perfect to embellish a fancy pirate costume, steampunk hat, evening wear, or centerpiece
  • All plumes are hand dyed with amazing attention to detail, perfect for a fancy hat or as a centerpiece on a tabletop
  • The dyed ostrich feathers vary slightly in length as they are all natural, from 13-15" long and 6-7" wide at the widest point of the plume
  • Each feather ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Please note - each feather plume is unique and may vary slightly from the photograph. This is a feature, not a defect