Real King Cobra Skin Hide Snake Head Walking Stick Cane Genuine Taxidermy Staff



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Think twice before using this cane! Made from real snake taxidermy, this solid shaft walking stick features a full length King Cobra snake hide and head. A unique gift for a friend or family member, this genuine King Cobra snake cane is sure to turn heads and be a conversation piece anywhere you go. People will ask if you wrangled the venomous serpent yourself and you'll enthrall kids and grandkids when you walk into a room with this real taxidermy cobra head cane. This high quality cane's shaft features a naturally scaly full-length snake skin with the cobra's forked tongue extending from its mouth at the handle's end. 100% real handcrafted King Cobra head and hide cane measures approximately 37" long. This high quality, professionally tanned, genuine snake skin staff features the cobra's head with natural markings, patterns, and tongue. Please note, these are genuine, premium-quality cobra heads and hides, so there may be slight variations in size, color, and pattern from the snake head that is pictured. Authentic cobra head and skin walking cane, just like all our real taxidermy, ships with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Genuine Snake Skin Taxidermy Walking Stick Features:

  • Real King Cobra skin and head cane is sure to turn heads and start conversations
  • Handcrafted, full length cobra snake walking stick is a unique gift for friends and family members
  • 100% genuine King Cobra snake taxidermy is professionally tanned and features natural markings and forked tongue
  • Authentic snake hide and head staff measures approx 37" long with snake skin covering entire cane shaft
  • Please note this is real taxidermy and each snake head may vary slightly in size and color, while hide may vary in color