Real Scorpion Clear Resin Keyring Insect Keychain Taxidermy Car Key Ring Chain



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Think twice before borrowing these keys! This authentic clear resin scorpion keychain is sure to impress. 100% Real Taxidermy, this keyring features a full-bodied scorpion specimen embalmed in clear resin so you can see its legs, stinger, and pincers which were used to capture insects and other prey. A unique gift for a friend or family member, this scorpion key ring is sure to start conversations when added to your car key chain. This is a high quality, 100% real, full-bodied scorpion measuring between 1" to 2", while the entire key ring will measure between 3" long to 3 1/2" long. Please note, these are premium quality, genuine scorpion keychains so there may be a slight variation in size and coloring from the scorpion that is pictured.