Solid Brass Gator/Croc Cane


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Add some style to your step with this solid brass alligator or crocodile cane! This Victorian-style walking stick features a solid brass handle in the shape of a crocodile or alligator. The solid wood cane itself measures 36" in length and the solid brass croc or gator handle measures 6 1/2" long. With a smooth, comfortable grip, and solid wood stick construction, this alligator handle is both functional and fashionable. Gator Canes ship brand new in manufacturer's packaging with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Victorian-Style Crocodile/Alligator Walking Stick/Canes Features:

  • Great victorian style walking stick with great functionality- handle is in the shape of an alligator or crocodile
  • Solid Wood Alligator or Crocodile Handle Cane measures 36" Overall
  • Croc or Gator head solid brass handle measures 6 1/2" in length
  • Solid Brass Handle feels smooth and comfortable, making this cane both functional and fashionable
  • All our canes ship brand new in manufacturer's packaging