Steampunk Bag Of Gears&Cogs Costume Accessories


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Take a trip back in time with this Victorian gears&cogs accessory set. This collection of Steampunk art accessories will add just the right touch of industrial style to any jewelry, hat, or costume. Each piece is cut from metal with exquisite attention to detail for a true Victorian feel. The bag of gears contains an assortment of styles and sizes sure to compliment all Steampunk crafts. From Victorian era to gothic industrial crafters, this bag of gears will ensure your art or costume to be remembered through the ages.

Victorian Set Of Gears&Cogs Jewelry/Hat Accessory Features

  • Travel through time in Victorian style with this bag of gears&cogs
  • Great accessory for Steampunk crafters to add costumes, hats, and jewelry
  • Cut from metal with true feel industrial style details
  • Set of assorted accessories with different styles of gears and cogs
  • Great for arts and crafts with a steampunk style