Vintage Old West 1900'S Pinkerton Detective Agency Reproduction Police Man Badge new pin



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The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, or Pinkertons, was a private detective and security guard agency founded by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. Pinkerton rose to fame by foiling an assassination plot against president-elect Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, in turn, hired Pinkerton agents for his personal security during the Civil War. The legendary Pinkerton National Detective Agency, at one point, had more agents than the US army, which caused Ohio to outlaw the Pinkertons because Ohio feared the agency could be hired out as a private militia. During the labor unrest of the mid 1800s, business hired Pinkerton Detectives to spy on unions and as guards to keep strikers and union supporters out of factories. In 1871 the Department of Justice contracted the Pinkerton National Detective Agency to act as an investigations unit on the Justice Department's behalf, but in 1893 the Anti-Pinkerton act was passed into law, stating that Pinkerton employees may not be employed by the US Government. Today Pinkerton operates as Pinkerton Consulting and Investigators, a private security company. This replica cowboy Vintage old west 1900'S Pinkerton Police Law Badge new pin makes a great addition to any cowboy law-man costume, detective costume, and a great gift for law badge collectors.

Pinkerton National Detective Agency Law Badge Features:

  • This is a reproduction new vintage badge from the Pinkerton Detective Agency, replica of the early 1900's detective badge!
  • Badge States Pinkerton National Detective Agency on the front with a design in the middle of the badge
  • Pinkerton Detective Agency Badge has historically accurate vertically-aligned safty-type pin
  • The Badge measures 2 1/2" from point of shield to base
  • Heavy steel police man detective badge for authentic look and feel
  • Makes a great addition to costumes and cowboy playtime
  • This old west 1900'S badge is over 75 years old and has NO LAW ENFORCEMENT POWERS