Wooden Box Snake Bite Gag Gift Practical Joke


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Scare the kids with this funny practical joke, a wooden box that has a sliding lid- inside the box is a wooden snake whcih bites your finger and scares you. A hillarious practical joke, this is the perfect type of pocket toy a grandparent would bring over to scare the grandkids. Place the prank joke on your desk at work and see how many co workers ask "What's this?" as they open the box and get a scare! Funny and harmless, this wooden snake bite in box gag gift is simply a snake on a wooden hinge, activated by the lid on the box. This prank toy will make your friends and family laugh as they get a "bite" from the snake. Wooden Surprise Snake Bite Trick Toy ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging, ready to scare the kids, the co-workers, or anyone else who is curios enough to open the wooden box.

Surprise Snake Bite in Wooden Box Gag Gift Practical Joke Prank Toy Scare Trick Features:

  • A prank toy in a box, this decorative wooden box has a sliding lid which upon opening, releases a surprise snake which will "bite" your finger
  • Good for a little scare and a big laugh, this wooden snake bite trick toy is the type of toy a Grandfather would carry in his pocket to intrigue and scare the grandkids
  • If you give this snake bite prank toy as a gag gift to a grandparent, it'll scare them too!
  • Display your curious wooden box on your desk at work to scare your co-workers
  • Snake Bite practical joke in wooden box ships brand new in manufactuer's packaging, ready to scare anyone who is curious to open the wooden box