Decorative Canes - Items tagged as "Vintage cane"

View all 8 ball cane 8 ball walking stick accessory adjustable cane adjustable canes adult cane adult canes adult costume cane adult costume prop adult movie prop adult pimp cane adult pimp walking stick adult theater prop adult theatre prop alaka whale alaska gift alaska whale trip souvenir alligator cane alligator head cane anchor cane anchor canes anchor walking stick antique antique cane antique canes antique flintlock antique handle cane antique style cane antique style walking stick antique walking stick as seen on tv cane bamboo cane bamboo stick bamboo sticks bamboo walking cane bamboo walking stick beautiful canes billiards cane billiards stick billiards walking stick bing crosby cane black ball cane black costume accessory black costume cane black costume prop black dance cane black dance prop black dance recital cane black dance recital prop black dancer cane black dancing cane black movie cane black parade cane black play cane black prom king black prom king accessory black prom king cane black theater cane black tuxedo cane black tuxedo stick bling cane blue glass cane blue handle cane brass brass cane brass canes brass dolphin cane brass handle brass handle cane brass twist cane brass walking stick candy clear candy clear cane cane cane wrist strap canes carnival cane carved wood walking stick chinese dragon chinese dragon cane chrome jaguar cane chrome jaguar canes chrome jaguar head cane clear cane cobalt blue glass cane cobalt blue glass handle cane cobalt blue glass walking stick colt 45 cane colt 45 hand costume costume accessory costume accessory cane costume cane costume prop cowboy walking stick croc crocodile cane crocodile head cane crutch cue cue ball cane curved handle dance cane dance prop dance recital cane dance recital prop dance show cane dancer cane dancing cane danny kay cane decorative cane decorative canes derby cane derby handle cane derby handle wlaking sticks derby handles detatchable canes detatchable handle cane dolphin dolphin cane dolphin walking stick dolphins dragon cane dragon canes dragon head cane dragon head walking stick dragon walking stick dragonborn dragonborn cane dragons dress cane dress canes duck cane duck canes duck commander cane duck dynasty cane duck dynasty canes duck head cane duck walking stick durby handle cane eight ball cane elephant cane elephant canes elephant head cane elephant head walking stick elephant walking stick fancy cane fancy canes fancy walking sticks fashion cane firmy revolver cane fish scale design fish scale pattern fish scales walking sticks fish walking sticks fisherman cane fisherman walking stick fishing cane fishing walking stick flint flintlock flintlock cane flintlock walking stick folding canes free mason gift freemason cane freemason canes freemason gift freemason walking stick fritz cane fritz handle cane funny canes fur cane game of thrones game of thrones cane gangster cane gentleman's cane gentleman's dress cane gentlemans cane gentlemans pimp cane gentlemans walking stick gentlemens cane gentlemens derby cane gentlemens fritz cane gentlemens pimp cane gentlemens walking stick genuine bamboo cane gift gifts glass knob glass knob cane glass knob canes gold mason cane gold masonic cane gold skull handle cane gold skull walking stick gothic dragon gothic dragon cane gun gun butt cane gun cane gun handle cane gun walking stick guns halloween costume accessory heavy brass cane heavy cane heavy duty walking stick hefty cane hefty canes human skull cane humpback whale cane humpback whale handle jaguar cane jaguar canes jaguar emblem jaguar emblem cane jaguar walking stick ladies cane ladies derby cane ladies derby handle cane ladies fritz cane ladies fritz handle cane ladies walking stick large handle cane large handle walking stick led cane led light can leopard print cane leopard print pimp cane lodge member gift lodge member gifts lucite cane lucite canes lucite walking stick lucite walking sticks man pimp cane marine life marine life cane marine life decor marine walking stick maritime cane maritime gift mason cane mason canes mason gift mason walking stick masonic cane masonic canes masonic decor masonic gift masonic items masonic symbol cane masonic symbol walking stick masonic templar cane masonic walking canes masonic walking stick masonic walking sticks master free mason cane master free mason canes master free mason gift master mason walking stick master of ceremonies cane mc cane medieval cane medieval canes medieval dragon medieval dragon cane mens cane mens derby cane mens fritz cane mens pimp cane mens walking stick mermaid cane mermaid walking stick mermaids movie cane movie prop nautical nautical cane nautical canes nautical gift nautical gifts nautical walking canes nautical walking stick navy navy gift navy gifts navy veteran gift new new canes new jaguar nickel nickel cane nickel canes nickel walking stick octopus canes octopus decor octopus handle shaped cane octopus handle shaped canes octopus lover octopus lover gifts octopussy outlaw cane outlaw stick parade cane parade leader cane pimp accessories pimp and ho convention pimp bling pimp cane pimp canes pimp costume accessory pimp costume bling pimp costume prop pimp costumes pimp fur pimp movie prop pimp play prop pimp theater prop pimp theatre prop pimp walking stick pistol pivot base cane pivot base canes pivot cane pivot walking stick pivot walking sticks pivoting stick pivoting walking stick play cane play prop pool cane pool cue stick prom king prom king accessory prom king cane prom prop pump n ho convention purple pimp cane quality walking stick real bamboo cane real bamboo wood cane replica flintlock revolver revolver handle revolver walking cane revolver walking stick rubber tip rubber tip cane ship anchor cane ship anchors ships anchor showbiz cane silver silver ball cane silver ball handle cane silver ball walking cane silver cane silver dragon cane silver duck cane silver elephant cane silver elephant walking stick silver handle cane silver handle walking stick silver walking stick silvers singing and dancing cane singing cane singing dancing cane skeleton cane skeleton head walking stick skull cane skull walking cane skull walking stick small ball cane solid brass anchor canes solid brass cane solid brass canes solid brass handle cane solid brass handle canes solid cane solid walking cane solid walking canes sparkling cane sparkling pimp cane sperm whale lover sperm whale shaped cane stick sticks sticks walking stick strong cane strong canes strudy cane strudy walking stick sturdy cane sturdy canes sturdy handle cane sturdy handle walking stick sturdy walking canes sturdy walking stick sturdy walking sticks sturdy wood canes swarovski swarovski crytal cane swarovsky targaryen texas ranger stick theater cane theater prop theater prop cane theatre prop travel cane travel canes travel walking stick travel walking sticks tuxedo cane tuxedo stick unique walking stick unisex cane victorian victorian cane victorian canes victorian walking stick victorian walking stick antique victorian walking stick antique nickel plated bras vikto vintage cane vintage silver victorian cane vintage style cane vintage style walking stick vintage walking stick walk stick walking walking aide walking cane walking canes walking staff walking stick walking sticks western cane whale canes whale deocr whale gift whale lover gift whale watching gift whales whaling decor wildlife cane willy robertson cane womens derby cane womens fritz cane wood cane wood canes wood shaft cane wood shaft walking stick wood walking cane wood walking stick wooden cane wooden canes wooden shaft cane wooden shaft walking stick wooden walking stick wrist