Historical Pirates Shipwreck Map


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Ever dream of finding sunken or buried treasure? Perhaps your grandchildren are enthralled with the stories of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean- Captain Kidd, Edward Teach (better known as Blackbeard) or Calico Jack. Maybe you're a history buff with an insatiable desire to preserve the stories of the past. This Pirate Treasure Map captures the imagination of both young and old, historically accurate and printed on antiqued parchment paper. The map is an illustration of the United States Eastern seaboard, as well as the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. On the map are 67 charted and historically accurate shipwrecks and dive sites believed to contain buried or sunken pirate treasure. Pirates of the Caribbean traveling north to the US often encountered storms on the eastern shores of the United States, and thus lost their ships and treasure to the sea. Famous pirates like Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and Captain Calico Jack are among the pirates who lost their ships to the sea and are listed on the treasure map. This map illustrates each site and event, including the time period, name of the ship, and bounty lost at each site, or any other interesting facts about the event. The pirate shipwreck map measures 13 3/4" wide by 15 3/4" tall, and is printed on antiqued parchment paper, historically accurate to look like an antique pirates treasure map. For the price, this map would make a great gift for a grandchild. Framed, the Shipwreck Map would look impressive in a study or office; in your home or at work. Use it as a great teaching aide for a grandparent teaching history to a grandchild. Purchase it for yourself, for a friend or family member who has an appreciation for history, or for that history buff on your list who is hard2shop4.

Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Calico Jack Sunken and Buried Treasure Map Features:

  • An antiqued parchment paper map of famous sunken and buried treasure sites, including treasures from a shipwreck and treasures hidden
  • Authentic look and feel to the treasure map, just like an antique Pirates Treasure Map
  • Great as a gift for a grandchild, and just as impressive to frame and hang on the wall of an office or study
  • Map lists 67 historically accurate famous sites of sunken and buried treasure, including the shipwreck of Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and Captain Calico Jack
  • Pirates Treasure Map Measures a large 13 3/4" wide by 15 3/4" tall, a perfect illustration to enthrall both the young and old treasure hunter