Hunting Hand Carved Eagle Head Rubber Slingshot Toy



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What a great way to introduce a youth to the sport of archery and trajectory with this hand carved wood toy rubber sling shot. This youth hunter sling shot is made from hand carved wood with the handle of the slingshot being carved into a animal head, this being an Eagle head. It has a fully functional rubber sling, and has been tested to shoot up to 25 feet with decent accuracy (we had quite the time in the office testing this out). The sling shot animal handle measures 7 3/4" tall by 3 3/4" wide, and the rubber sling measures 10" long, pulled straight out. Hand Carved eagle slingshot ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Adult supervision should still be in place when a youth is intending to use the slingshot, as archery is a hunting sport, even though this is an entry level toy type slingshot.

hand carved animal EAGLE SLING SHOT rubber slingshot youth hunter hunting toy Features:

  • Made from wood, this eagle slingshot is a great intoductory set to a youth wanting to learn hunting and trajectory
  • Sling Shot toy is made from hand carved wood in the shape of an animal head, this handle in the shape of an Eagle
  • Handle of the slingshot measues 4 3/4" long, rubber sling measures 10" straight out
  • The hunter can shoot the slingshot with decent accuracy up to 25 feet
  • Ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging and ready for practice